AS YOUR ADVOCATE We'll help you find your way

we are texas most successful DISABILITY advocateS



  1. Assisting you with the initial completion of the application’s process
  2. Collecting your medical records from your doctors, clinics, or hospitals at no cost to you
  3. Sending your medical records electronically to the Social Security Administrations, Disability Determination Services in Austin for a quicker decision, to the Judge and if necessary any new and material evidence to the higher level above the Judge; Appeals Council
  4. Aid you in filling out all SSA/DDS forms
  5. Evaluate your claim and advise you on the law and your options
  6. Review your medical records and make suggestions for any additional testing required to prove your case
  7. Supplement your claim file with additional medical records
  8. File any appeals necessary and handle all SSA paperwork
  9. Obtain medical reports and opinion evidence regarding your disability
  10. Consult with qualified Vocational Experts to get opinion evidence rebutting the ALJ called Vocational Experts
  11. Obtain and develop evidence regarding your “Residual Functional Capacity” that is the key to your disability claim
  12. Correctly calculate your SSD benefits
  13. File a legal brief arguing the legal, medical and vocational issues in your case
  14. Keeping posted of any changes in your case as well as answering any questions you have throughout the process
  15. Saving you countless trips to the Social Security Administration office
  16. Assisting you with filling out any paperwork or forms related to your case
  17. If and when denied, your representative will prepare your appeal in a timely manner
  18. Most importantly, your representative will prepare and represent you at your Disability Hearing. (80% of claims get approved at this level)
  19. Going over your award letter to ensure you were paid correctly and answer any medical coverage questions you may have concerning your case
  20. Don't give up –Getting your SSDI/SSI benefits can be a long and frustrating process, but our focus is getting the benefits you deserve sooner and a lower representation fee